“Strengths Scale “My 32”

If someone asks you “What are your strengths?” How would you answer?
Our strength finder test helps you easily find your individual strengths.
You can find your 5 main personality strengths by yourself if you answer the following simple questions.
The basis of this test comes from qualities and abilities such as “和” peacefulness, ”志” determination, ”雅” elegance, that have been highly esteemed in Japanese culture from ancient times.
You can find your 5 outstanding strengths out of the 32 potentials, which were created by my company, C’s PORT, in collaboration with Hiroshima University’s Psychology Department.
The results show your individuality, of 1 : 24,165,120, everyone is different and unique.
Knowing your strengths enables you to be yourself and maximize your abilities with confidence in your daily life.
This test takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete and presents you 207 questions to measure your tastes, senses and values accurately.
If you want to know your own strengths, this test is for you.
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